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Demo Video
From 2006 (give it some time to download)
As it was heard on KRZK & KOMC in 2007
Everyone wanted a copy (rated PG)
Places We Play
Rio Grande Valley, TX - Casino Tribute Show
Louie's Backyard
South Padre Island, TX
Bands We Like
Reno, NV
Bo Rivers
Rio Grande Valley, TX
Randy Anderson Band
Las Vegas, NV
Winter Texan Bands
Great Web Sites
The Winter Texan Connection
(Rod & Cathy Graham)
Winter Texan Television
(on in park cable)
Casino Tribute Show
(Gene Denby)
Bed & Breakfast with Fishing
(Arroyo City)
Winter Texan TV
(In RV parks across the valley)
Winter Texan Times
The Blog of Dale & Terry Pace
A Novel (Autobiography?)
Listing of activities in the Rio Grande Valley
Banners in Vinyl
Where we get our cool banners done
Most of Sharon's Costumes
Aloha Apparel Hawaiian Shirts 
Where I get my Hawaiian Shirts
A Real Solution. I Like It.
Professional Midi backing tracks
A Texas Groove Archive of Music,
Art, Photography & Video
Parrot Hats and More
Web Easy Pro - tool for web page building
RV Parks We Like
El Ranchito @ Resaca Bend
San Benito, TX
Palmdale RV Resort
San Benito, TX
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Visit our Facebook Band Page
Fan club email: shortstring@hotmail.com
For booking information
 e-mail or call:
1 (800) 2 STRING
1 (800) 278-7464
Our address is:
12 String Tim & Sharon
427 Line 17 Rd. Lot 59
San Benito, TX 78586
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